Illustration showing outside diameter, inside diameter, cut thickness, and wall thickness. These lathe-cut seals can be custom made to your application without the tooling costs of molded parts and are available in a wide variety of compounds. We can also provide you with special part processing and packaging to meet your specific needs.

A lathe-cut seal is manufactured from a cylindrical tube of rubber which is compounded to match your required specifications. Through a curing process and grinding on the lathe, the inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD) are determined. The desired thickness is achieved on the lathe by a knife-cutting process. It’s the knife-cutting process that defines each seal’s unique cross-section which determines how they are classified. These classifications include: Square, Rectangle, Chamfered, Angular, V-groove, Tube, Gasket Cut, and Cylindrical Cut, of which we offer a wide variety.

For custom lathe-cut applications, a blueprint with cross-sections, tolerances, dimensions, and compound specifications are required.

rubber seal dimensions