1. T & M has the right to change pricing after a production run of any item based on actual cost on future orders
2. Tolerances may require adjustments during initial production run for a live order; customers will be notified upon such adjustments.
3. By ordering from a provided quote, you agree that all information on quote is correct and matches your requirements.
4. Minimum release amounts stated on quote have to be met for a customer purchase order to be accepted.

Order Acknowledgement

1. Order quantity may vary +/-10% on quantity shipped.
2. Cancellations or changes will not be permitted without written authorization of T&M Rubber, Inc. Authorization may be conditioned and accompanied by a fee.
3. T & M Rubber will is not liable for any delays in performance of it’s obligations on orders, or for any damages suffered by buyer due to any delay. If the delay is directly or indirectly; caused by a fire, flood, accident, civil unrest, act of God, war, governmental interference, embargo, shortage of materials, or any other cause.


1. FOB: Goshen, IN.
2. Buyer has five days from date of shipment to contact seller in the case of incorrect parts.
3. All shipments are ”freight collect”.


1. All payments are to be made to T & M Rubber, Inc. in Net 30 days from the date of invoice for credit-approved customers.
2. All payments are to be made in U. S. dollars.
3. T & M has the right to charge 1.50% monthly finance charges on all invoices not paid within the Net 30 day terms.
4. By receiving an invoice customer is accepting invoice.
5. Invoices may be received via email or mail.
6. T & M has the right to hold any shipment based on customer account status.
7. All payments T & M Rubber receives are to be for the exact amount stated on invoice.


1. All inbound shipments must have a package list attached and certification of compliance.
2. All inbound shipments shall be UPS below 150 pounds. All shipments over 150 pound are to be Worldwide Express.
3. All inbound shipments are to be “freight collect”.
4. T & M is not responsible for shipping charges if above terms are not met.
5. Any changes in pricing are to be submitted in writing to T & M Rubber, Inc. and approved before taking effect.


1. For all matters other than accounting (RFQs, Sales Orders, Order status, Expedite requests, QAQC, etc…) please contact Silvia Calderon  at PO Box 516, Goshen IN. 46527, ph. (574-533-3173) or
2. For all accounts receivable/accounts payable matters please contact Bill Shank at PO Box 516, Goshen IN. 46527, ph (574) 533-3171) or
3. Please, direct all complaints to